Georgia Tech students and fans get ready for the weekend of their lives. Their beloved Yellow Jacket football team is traveling to the University of Georgia with a bowl bid on the line.

    As two sisters Katie and Emma board the fan bus, Katie does not get on. She won’t disobey their parents orders pleading with Emma to stay at school. Emma boards anyway and three team buses travel to the game. In route, kids in an accompanying car pull a crazy stunt accidentally swerving head on into a semi truck causing an accident that knocks the fan bus off a bridge.

    The bus crashes into the water, but it doesn't sink. A strange phenomena occurs. The bus lays upon the water. Rescue teams frantically try to save the passengers but are unable to get into the bus. Some kind of vortex blocks every attempt. Inside the bus, passengers are missing, but the survivors inside can not escape. They see the outside world trying to rescue them, but rescue teams see an empty bus.

    An international news story breaks as no bodies are recovered at the accident scene, presumed missing or dead. Tech’s University professor tries to solve this phenomena, along with government and armed forces but no one has the solution. As time passes, rescuers abandon the scene, crowds disperse and the story fades. But everyday Katie returns to the lake to pray for her sister.

    Finally, the survivors break escape from the bus. Although they see the earth the way it was before the crash, they are no longer a part of this present world. But they may have power over it.


    As they leave the bus, they can walk on water. With each footstep the water turns to solid ground and the survivors reach the shore. But they can go no further

    They are stuck inside this chasm, unseen by the general population. Emma desperately tries to communicate with Katie, but Katie can not see her. Although they are nearly face to face, they are separated by the chasm.

    Inside the chasm, survivors see pieces of their former lives, but they can not communicate with their loved ones.

    But from time to time they can affect circumstances. Certain gifted civilians see survivors are still there, but to everyone around, they are crazy, suffering from grief.

    Suddenly, the chasm shifts and reveals itself as a bridge between heaven, hell and the present earth. Inside the chasm, Emma makes a desperate attempt to escape and breaks through as the chasm begins to leave the earth.


    The survivors must leave the chasm, but have no idea how to get back to earth.

    The chasm becomes a place of peril and can turn into anything at any given moment as new worlds and dimensions open up for the survivors. Soon others will find themselves in the chasm.

    On earth, Katie must deal with her escape, survival and the onslaught of interrogation to find out what really happened to the bus on the lake. She soon discovers there are more survivors like her around the world. And the mystery is just beginning. On earth and inside the CHASM.


    Mike Wech